Generation II Vest ®

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The presence of coronary artery disease necessitates patient management tools which go beyond diagnosis. The Generation II Vest combines the functionality of a full disclosure holter monitor and an ambulatory ejection fraction meter. The holter is a compact device, with reusable flash card memory. The new smaller system is flexible and allows the patient a large range of activities while being monitored.The Generation II Vest is comprised of a new, smaller Sodium Iodide Crystal detector, mounted on a new, lighter-weight vest garment. No other system provides synchronized ECG and ambulatory ejection fraction measurements. A state-of-the-art holter makes the Generation II Vest one tool with a dual purpose... Allowing you, the clinician to decide.


  • Smaller and lighter weight NaI detector
  • Full disclosure Holter
  • Smaller and lighter weight recorder/data loggin unit
  • New lightweight plastic detector mount
  • Flash card memory storage
  • Pentium PC processor
  • Upgradeable for pacemaker patient studies

The continued growth of coronary artery disease means we need patient management tools which go beyond diagnosis. The Generation II Vest is an important tool to assist in determination of optimum treatment of CAD. This system will help determine better methods of medical managment, especially in cases of mental-stress induced dysfunction. In addition it is the objective tool needed for evaluating the effect of single and muti-drug regimens on patients.

The Generation II Vest provides ambulatory measurements of the heart’s ability to pump blood (left ventricular ejection fraction), a feature not available with Holter Monitoring. With this additional feature, a cardiologist is better able to evaluate the signs and symptoms of coronary artery disease, particularly in cases of silent ischemia.The Generation II Vest ® is comprised of a new, lighter weight Sodium Iodide Crystal detector, along with a Cadmium Telluride auxiliary detector, mounted on a new, lighter weight vest-like garment.

The patient’s blood cells are tagged using Tc-99m and the main detector is positioned over the left ventricle using a Gamma Camera. The garment is worn for a period of 1 to 12 hours. 2 channels of ECG and nuclear data are recorded and maybe viewed on a computer screen and/or printed for evaluation. The Generation II-Vest® is ideal for disease management and has proven to be a powerful tool for titration. With this modality, a physician is able to evaluate the effects of both physical and mental stress in structured and non-structured protocols. It is a tool with proven research and clinical utility. By combining a radionuclide detector and ECG leads with an ambulatory data recorder, the Generation II System is the first complete system for left ventricular evaluation of patients as they pursue their normal daily activities.



  • Left Ventricular Ejection Fraction  LVEF     %
  • Heart Rate          HR      BPM
  • Heart Rate Variation    DHR    %
  • Cardiac Output    CO    EDV/min
  • End Dialostolic Volume, Relative EDVr        %
  • End Systolic Volume, Relative ESVr      %EDV
  • Fast Fill Fraction        FFF      %SV


  • Ejection Rate, Peak and Average ERp, ERav         EDV/sec.
  • Filling Rate, Peak and Average Frp, FRav               EDV/sec.
  • Fast Filling Rate, Average         FFFRav                    EDV/sec.
  • Slow Filling Rate, Average        SFRav                      EDV/sec.


  • End Diastolic Time                 EDT        sec.
  • Time of Peak Ejection Rate  PET         sec.
  •  End Systolic Time                  EST         sec.
  • Time of Peak Filling Rate      PFT         sec.


  • R-R Wave Period                    RP            sec.
  • Ejection Period                        EP            sec.
  • Fast Filling Period                  FFP           sec.
  • Filling Period                           FP             sec.


  • Holter Recorder      5.4" x 1.25" x 3.5"        12.02 oz.
  • With Batteries
  • Data Logger             5.2" x 1.0" x 2"                3.70 oz.
  • Main Detector           2" diameter x 2" height 12.02 oz.
  • NaI crystal, collimated and shielded
  • Auxilliary Detector 1.25" diameter x 1" height 3.03 oz
  • Recording Time 24 Hour Holter per Patter Pack 6 Hour Holter plus Vest per Battery Pack

System Software: Medset Holter Software / Vest Software

5650-0001 C Vest II Basic System
5650-0002 C Vest II Advanced System
5650-0008 Cardiolight BR Recorder
5650-0009 Cardiolight BR-PD Recorder