Dual-head Scinti-Mammography Mattress

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This mattress is designed for use during scinti-mammography with either a single or dual-head camera. The unique design allows a patient to be scanned in the prone position on any S.P.E.C.T. or Planar Imaging Table. The mattress has cutouts that are removed to allow full extension of the breasts so that unobstructed anterior, oblique and lateral-oblique images can be obtained.

When the patient’s arms are raised over the head, the shoulder ist flush to the mattress allowing axillary and chest wall imaging in addition to imaging of the breast. For extra large breasts two mattresses can be joined together to increase the depth to 12 inches.


  • Length: 60"/152.4 cm
  • Thickness: 6"/15.24 cm
  • Overall Width: 18"/45.72 cm
  • Width at Cutout and Head: 11"/27.94 cm
  • Straps: 4- Velcro straps,2 to fasten mattress to table, 2 to secure the patient on the mattress.
  • Cutouts: 2 at 8"/20.32 cm W x 4.5"/11.43 cm D
  • Center Width : l.25/3.18 cm
  • Lead Shielding between Breasts: 2-mm lead equivalent

Order No: #056-771