Rod Sources for PET

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  • These calibrated rod sources typically have a calibration accuracy of ± 3% – 5% at a 99% confidence level
  • The rod sources are manufactured by gravimetric transference of NIST traceable solutions
  • Calibration is confirmed using a High Purity Germanium detector
  • All rod sources are shipped with a custom decay calendar
  • Rod sources are designed to mimic a tube source so there is no need to buy duplicate products
  • Activity end is color coded to provide easier identification, Clear/Ge-68
  • Physical characteristics of all rod sources are
    • 2.95 inches in length
    • 0.47 inches in diameter
    • 0.125 inch active diameter
  • Activity located approximately 0.14 inches from tip

NM08-68 Ge-68/Ga-68 0.5uCi (nominal activity values)