PET Dose Calibrator Source

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The CORRECT Source For PET Dose Calibrator Standards

Why Ge-68/Ga-68 and Not Na-22 ?

Simply put, ion chambers (dose calibrators) can not differentiate the emission frequency (ni) and the energy (Ei) of γ rays
emmitted by a radioisotope. If you compare these attributes for Na-22, Ge-68 and F-18 it is clear why Ge-68/Ga-68 (Ge-68) is

  Na-22 F-18 Ge-68
 Ei 1.27MeV none 1.07MeV
 ni 99.9%NA 3.2% 
 γ± 179.8 %193.8% 178.0% 

Dose Calibrator Standards

The Dual Geometry or “S” source is designed to mimic a 5 cc syringe and a 10 cc multidose vial. It provides direct NIST traceability for syringe geometry and position.

Direct and verifiable traceability to NIST for Ge-68/Ga-68 in the syringe geometry. Cross calibration to F-18. Inferred traceability requires a “leap of faith” that the manufacturer has Quality Procedures in place to ensure accuracy and applicability to other nuclides. Direct traceability means that the manufacturer has obtained from NIST a standard with the exact physical properties of the standard being offered and has been calibrated in the exact position it is intended to be used in. There is no “leap of faith”.

  • Directly Traceable to NIST and cross calibrated for F-18 calibration
  • Dose calibrator sources are generally available for immediate shipment upon receipt of confirmed order
  • Dose calibrator standards are calibrated against a traceable National Institute of Standards (NIST) source, in an identical geometry and configuration, using a pressurized ion chamber
  • Each source is packaged in an individual lead shield
  • All sources are shipped with a Certificate of Calibration, Leak Test Certification, radiation safety and handling instructions and a custom decay calendar.

Ge-68/Ga-68 0.5 millicuires