Radiation Safety Video Library

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The Fastest Growing... Easiest and Most Cost-Effective Radiation Protection Training Available

Provide up-to-the-minute instruction in radiation safety to all your personnel at their convenience and individual learning pace. The Radiation Safety Video (RSV) Library ® — the first video training system created specially to assist you with the increasing requirements for in-service education for your staff. This Radiation Safety Video Library is a MUST for Radiation Safety Officers.

It’s The Law. The US Nuclear Regulatory Commission, OSHA, the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Health Care Organizations (JCAHO) and many state regulatory agencies require you to provide safety education for all personnel working in or frequenting radiation areas.

With the RSV Library you now have a simple way to meet these requirements for nursing staff, housekeeping, security, administrators, radiology and nuclear medicine personnel. Developed with the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC), JACHO, and OSHA requirements as guidelines, each RSV Library video focuses on a specific area of concern such as the handling and securing of radioactive materials, or the protection of nursing staff during brachytherapy. Each individual video targets specific members of your staff and presents the practical information in an entertaining and engaging style.

With the RSV Library your personnel can earn continuing education credits, where applicable.

0653-0003 Radiation Safety Video Library (complete 9 Volume Set)
0653-0004 (Vol. 1) Environmental Services
0653-0005 (Vol. 2) Security
0653-0006 (Vol. 3) Hospitalized Iodine-131 Therapy Patients Procedures for Nurses
0653-0007 (Vol. 4) Brachytherapy Patients Instructions for Nurses
0653-0008 (Vol. 5) General Radiation Safety Part I Radiology
0653-0010 (Vol. 6) Procedures for the Cardiac Catheterization Lab
0653-0011 (Vol. 7) Pregnancy and the Radiation Worker
0653-0009 (Vol. 8) General Radiation Safety Part II Nuclear Medicine
0653-0012 (Vol. 9) ALARA for Administrators