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Our Radiation Protective Eyewear provides the highest level of comfort, quality and lightweight radiation protection. Eyewear and Side Shields reduce up to 90% of scatter radiation. The lightweight Euro and Astro frames provide 20% more radiation protection with .5mm leaded side shields. Radiation protection non-prescription lenses provide.75mm of lead equivalency. Prescription lenses are also available. All eyewear has a 100% satisfaction guarantee and a one year warranty.

Lightweight eyewear with side shields molded into clear templates. The flexible nylon frame has a comfortable fitting bridge. The side shield model provides .5mm of lead protection.

  • Weight: 73 grams, SS- 78 grams
  • Lead Equiv. Front: Plano (non-prescription) 0.75mm
  • Color: Blue
  • Available in: Non-prescription, Single RX, Bifocal Rx
  • Lead Equiv. Side Shield: 0.50mm lead sheet

Plain lenses
Euro (no side shield)
0680-0029 Euro (side shield)

Prescription lenses
Euro (no side shield)
0680-0036 Euro (side shield)

Bifocal lenses
Euro (no side shield)
0680-0042 Euro (side shield)