Accessories - Wipe Test Plates

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The stainless steel WipeTest Plate slides easily onto the Inspector positioning the depression and wipe directly in front of the GM tube window at a fixed distance of 1 centimeter. The WipeTest plate is removable for general surveying. (patent#5,936,246) Many customers using the Inspector Wipe Test Plate also use it as a Beta Shield for the 2-inch GM detector. (patent# 5,936,246)


.025 inches thick 304 stainless steel


3.1 x 4.46 inches


2.5 oz. including left and right bracket


1 Year

Be sure to check the Serial Number of your unit prior to ordering!! (see below) WTPIN - Inspectors with a SN# of 30328 or higher are compatible with The Wipe Test Plate without Rails. (SEI Part# WTPIN) WTPA - Inspectors with a SN# of 30327 or lower are compatible with The Wipe Test Plate with Metal Rails. (SEI Part# WTPA)