VacuDAP Dose Area Product Meters

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Patient Dose Monitoring in Diagnostic Radiology

Radiation Risk Minimization Today, X-ray diagnostics is the main source of radiation to the general population. Accordingly, it is important to be able to measure the patient dose in X-ray applications, especially for children, and investigative procedures involving high radiation level. The VacuDAP device automatically measures the Dose Area Product (DAP) in full compliance with IEC 580, DIN6819 and enables you to meet Federal and State regulations.

The Measuring System

The modular Dose Area Product (DAP) measurement system VacuDAP offers a wide variety of ionization chambers and configurations to meet the requirements for different x-ray machines.

VacuDAP 2000

This device is well-suited as a quick, easy,accessory add on to your x-ray unit. It has an integrated display and operating buttons mounted directly on the ionization chamber.

VacuDAP System Specifications

  • Measuring range 1108 mGycm2 (0,1106 mGycm2)*
  • Dose Area Product 1300.000 mGycm2/s
  • DAP Rate
  • Accuracy (according DIN 6819) + 20%
  • Relative Humidity < 75%

VacuDAP 2000 Specifications

  • Dimensions (WxLxD) 164mm x 214mm x 18mm
  • Weight 750 g
  • Supply Voltage +15 V DC +24 V DC / 250 mA
  • Operating Temperature Range +10C+ 40C
  • Active Area 147 mm x 147 mm
  • Energie Range 50 200 kV
  • Al Equivalent 0.2mm
  • Light Transparency > 75%
  • Display (VacuDAP 2000) LED, 8 Digits, H = 6 mm

Display- and Control Units

The range of Display and Control units for the VacuDAP 2004 is available with mounting for table or wall units. The DAP system may also be operated directly from the x-ray generator via the control counter interface. Otherwise, this serial interface is used for data printing or transfer to aPC, and parameter changes.

VacuDAP 2004

This measuring device uses miniaturized electronics with pulse output, located within the chamber. The device is placed on the collimator. Appropriate Display and Control units for a range of x-ray generators are available.

VacuDAP 2004 Specifications

  • Outside Dimension 0695-0078 168mm x 140mm x 18mm
  • Outside Dimension 0695-0079 183mm x 164mm x 18mm

Display Control Unit Specifications

  • Dimension (l-w-h), built-in display 155mm x 35mm x40mm
  • Dimension 0695-0076 (l-w-h) 145mm x 85mm x 39mm
  • Display units: LED, 8 Digits, H = 6 mm
  • Interface RS 232 / RS 485* / CAN*
  • Frequency 1.88 GHz up to 1.9 GHz (10 channels)
  • Working Distance approx. 20 m - 50 m

0695-0179 VacuDAP 2000 Dose Area Product Meter
0695-0068 VacuDAP 2004 Dose Area Product Meter
0695-0069 Chamber Mounting Strip
0695-0070 Dapmoni Software
0695-0071 Dapstore
0695-0072 Seiko Printer DPO 44
0695-0073 Seiko Printer Cable
0695-0074 Epson TMO 210 D Printer
0695-0075 Epson Printer Cable
0695-0076 2004 Display Unit (Table or Wall Version)
0695-0077 2004 Display Unit (For Two Chambers)
0695-0078 Ionization Chamber (Field Size 132 x 123)
0695-0079 Ionization Chamber (Field Size 147 x 147)
0695-0080 Power Supply (With Standard US Plug)
0695-0081 Interface Cable