ZT-Tungsten Syringe Shields

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Advantages of the ZT-Tungsten Syringe Shields

  • Compared to lead, tungsten heavy metal has a significantly higher weight; is shielding behaviour is therefore better by approx. 60%
  • Improved shielding behaviour that is consistent over the entire range due to complete integration of the window into the tungsten part
  • Quick, simple and sage handling of syringe fastening
  • Clip lock - no screws required
  • Break-proof integrated window
  • White interior coating for better readability of syringe scale
  • Polished surface ensures easy decontamination and disinfection
  • Adjustable for various syringe types by adapter
  • Attractive design





Type standard


2ml                 5ml

Type PET


2ml                    5ml

Range of application


I-131, F-18


Tungsten heavy metal

Tungsten heavy metal


2,3 mm          2,5 mm

7 mm                7 mm

Lead equivalence of the window

2,3 mm

3,7 mm


120g               180g

340g                 470g