X91 Illuminance and Luminance Hand-held Photometer

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  • Illuminance and/or Luminance Photometer
  • DIN Class B Parameters
  • Compact Size
  • Easy to Use
  • Large Size Display
  • High Realibility
  • Economical Price
  • Ergonomic Design

The X91 (pronounced “X9one”) photometer fulfills requirements with respect to both quantities – illuminance and luminance. Therefore it is the ideal light measuring instrument for medical imaging applications, and perfect for use by medical physicists, service technicians, designers, ISO-certified companies or anyone who’s measured results are subject to audit.

The X91’s most outstanding feature is its easy handling. To measure, the user simply switches on the meter with the selected detector. The LCD characters are 9 mm high for easy viewing. The X91 is a compact handheld instrument. Its battery operated with a battery life time of approximately 100 hours. X91 and its photopic detectors form a precision photometer system at an excellent price-performance ratio.

The detector for illuminance and luminance are separate units making it possible to use the instrument solely as a illuminance or as aluminance meter.

The 0695-0172 Illuminance Detector is fitted with a precise photometric correction filter and cosine diffuser. Its slim height of only 20 mm allows measurement close to the reference level.

The 0695-0173 Luminance Detector offers a field of view of 1° and a measurement range from 40 cm to infinity. To locate the object to be measured, the 0695-0173 has notch and bead sight, which has marks for close-range and distance work.

The calibration of the detectors is carried out at the Calibration Laboratory for Optical Radiation Measurement. The calibration and its traceability are confirmed by a calibration certificate.

The accessories available are designed for the photometer’s typical sphere of use.


  • Typ. max. Illuminance - 199999 lx (X9 with 0695-0172)
  • Typ. max. Resolution - 0.01 lx (X9 with 0695-0172)
  • Detector Dimensions - Diam. 37 mm; Height 20 mm; Cos. diffuser dia. 7 mm; Cable length 2 m
  • Typ. max. Luminance - 199999 cd/m² (X9 with 0695-0173)
  • Typ. max. Resolution - 0.05 cd/m² (X9 with 0695-0173)
  • Measurement Distance - 0.4 to infinity (LDM-9901 only)
  • Detector Dimensions - Field of view 1.1o; lens diameter 22 mm; Cable length 1m

Optometer Specifications

  • Display - LCD, 6 characters, 9 mm high, various status displays
  • Detector Connection - 9 pol. MDSM9 socket, two measurement inputs, detector coding
  • Measurement Ranges - 6, selected automatically
  • Integration Time - 500 ms
  • Operating Modes - CW, Run/Stop
  • Offset - Offset compensation over all ranges
  • Calibration Data - max. 255 data sets
  • Operation - 3 buttons, settings stored in eeprom
  • Interface - RS232 (9600B, 8D, 1S,N), 8 pin plug (Hirose, type 3260-8S1)
  • Power - 9 V one-piece battery (operating time about 100 hrs.)
  • Temperature Range - 5 to 40°C (41 to 104°F)
  • Size / Weight - 120mm x 65mm x 22mm / 150g (4.4 x 2.6 x 1 in / 0.3 lb)

0695-0171 Optometer with handbook and battery. Detector calibration data stored in memory
0695-0172 Illuminance detector. Calibration certificate. ITT-type connector
0695-0173 Luminance detector. Calibration certificate. ITT-type connector
0695-0174 Stand/holder for VL37xx detectors. With bubble and three height adjustable feet. Required to mount detectors to tripods
0695-0175 Adapter plate with bubble level to mount and align the 0695-01731luminance detector onto standard tripods
0695-0176 RS232 interface cable to connect the X9 meters with 9 PIN SUB-D PC standard socket
0695-0177 External power unit for the X9 meters including meter modification (cancels battery operation)
0695-0178 Hard case to carry and store the X9 1 with one 0695-0172 and 0695-0173