CAPRAC ® Wipe Test / Well Counter

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Don’t worry about meeting the new regulations in 10 CFR Part 35.315 (200 dpm requirements for unrestricted areas and iodine contamination). The CAPRAC Wipe-Test Counter handles all of them. Measure for measure, no other well counter offers the speed, accuracy and complete range of built-in features provided by the compact CAPRAC. It performs a wipe test in just 6seconds (for 1 nCi) and detects extremely low levels of activity with the accuracy only a NaI drilled-well detector can provide.

The CAPRAC can also serve as a single-well gamma counter in departments that do not need multi-sample changers. User-defined protocols, trigger levels, and counting times are a "snap". A6-channel pulse-height analyzer permits built-in gamma spectroscopy. Definable conversion factors for specific radionuclides allow the CAPRAC to calculate results in cpm, dpm, nCi,cps, dps, or kBq. The CAPRAC also displays photon-energy histograms.

The CAPRAC is engineered and built for years of consistent, reliable performance and is Curie or Becquerel selectable. The unit has automatic background subtraction and self-diagnosis programs for systems testing with optimized signal-to-noise ratio. It includes a lead outer shield (1.3 cm thick) with optional auxiliary shield available.


  • Meets NRC/Agreement State regulations,including new regulations in 10 CFR Part 35.315
  • Simple to operate
  • NaI drilled-well crystal detector
  • Performs wipe test in 6 seconds
  • 6-channel, pulse-height analyzer
  • Preliminary isotope identification through gamma spectroscopy
  • Accepts and stores individual trigger levels for different areas (hot lab, patient rooms,unrestricted, sealed-source leak tests, etc.)
  • Optional printer for hard-copy archives wipe-test results; prints photon-energy histograms
  • Counts which exceed trigger levels are printedin red


  • Counter: 16.5 lbs, 7.25" (18.4 cm) wide, 11.5"(29.2 cm) deep, 10.3" (26.2 cm) high
  • NaI(Tl) crystal detector
  • Power: Standard: 115VAC 50/60Hz 0.1A  |  Optional: 220V 50/60Hz 0.05A
  • Measurement periods: 6, 20, 60, 180, 600,1800 sec
  • Radiation shield: 0.5" (1.3 cm) lead outer shield
  • Counting rate: cpm, kcpm (Ci) cps, kcps (Bq)
  • Counting channels:
    1 = 15-100 keV
    2 = 100-200 keV
    3 = 200-400 keV
    4 = 400-660 keV
    5 = 660-800 keV
    6 = >800 keV
  • Sources : Cs-137 or Ba-133 (optional)
  • Maximum count rate 60,000cps

5430-2057 Caprac Wipe Test/Well Counter
0975-137R Cs-137 Rod Source 0.5µCi
0975-138S Ba-133 Rod Source 0.1µCi