Crystal Probe - General & control unit

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The gamma probe system Crystal Probe – automatic – is perfectly suited to seek radioactive labeled sentinel lymph nodes (SLN), other
local nuclide enrichments in tissue and boundaries of labeled primary tumors (ROLL). It’s setting standards in versatility, reliability and user-friendliness.

Features and USP’s

  • Opens up a wide spectrum of applications by a wide range of various hand-probes
  • Extended field of use by a large number of different collimator sleeves
  • Maintenance free
  • Most efficient performance of detection
  • All hand-probes are characterized by an outstanding sensitivity
  • Excellent side-shielding (99,97 %)
  • Very easy to use
  • “Plug’n’Start”: no need for preparation or calibration
  • Automated probe identification, nuclide selection and system check
  • Background suppression
  • Large 14 cm background illuminated display that signals selected nuclide & detected activity
  • 3 sounds with 3 pitches
  • 10+ nuclides supported
  • Allows both accu and mains operation
  • Up to 13 hours operation time without recharging
  • USB-port for database
  • Evaluating & analyzing software “Visual Count” (optionally)
  • Control unit, probe(s) and further needed accessories are provided in a robust hard-cover case with a detachable trolley

Straight Gamma-Probe "Hi-Sens"

Our standard probe: Energy range from 70 keV up to 511 keV, optimized parameters for 99mTc (140 keV).
The straight probe localises the direction in which the SLN can be found by aiming along the probe axis.
Its usability can be increased by two different PET-collimators with increased side shielding also at 511 keV.

The Angled Gamma-Probe „FlexProbe®"

World-wide unique: our „FlexProbe®" which can be used as a straight or as an angled probe (15°, 30°). The 3 cm probe head can be “flexed” during surgery to locate SLN’s at difficult geometrical situations.

Energy range from 70 keV up to 511 keV, optimized parameters for 99mTc (140 keV). Also usable with PET-collimators.

Straight Probe "Beta Probe"

Special probe for low gamma-energies: (e.g. 125I; 27 keV) and all beta-energies with EBeta > 140 keV.

Our small "Beta Probe" (D = 12 mm) is equipped with a 0.2 mm entrance window from sapphire and can be used for all beta-nuclides. It is even possible to detect positrons in the near field for 68Ga.

Changeable Collimator Sleeves

Different collimator sleeves are available for "Hi-Sens" and „FlexProbe®". Their application field can be increased by collimator sleeves with various „Fields of View“ (10°, 20°, 40°, 60°, 90°, 120°). Each collimator is integrated in a screwable stainless steel sleeve and can be sterilized by steam sterilization.

Different angular resolutions of the collimator sleeves achieve different fields of view and different sensitivities. In tandem with an excellent energy resolution, the localization of SLN is optimized for a wide range of anatomical situations

Special Laparoscopic Probes

Our special laparoscopic probes are designed for application at 140 keV (99mTc). With a very small diameter of only 10 mm they can be used through trokars. 3 detection directions available (0°, 45°, 90° from the probe axis). Closed detector heads allow usage without a
sterile cover.