Flow-Count For HPLC

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Flow-Count provides affordable, state-of-the-art HPLC detection for radiopharmaceutical development, monoclonal antibody labeling, environmental analysis and PET chemistry. A wide selection of detectors cover a range of activities found in metabolite studies, radiopharmaceutical purity measurements and monitoring prep HPLC.

Interchangeable Detectors give ultimate flexibility - A thin-window NaI detector is well suited to low-energy gamma such as I-125, while 1" detectors are matched to detection requirements of Tc-99m, In-111, PET isotopes,and other high-energy gamma emitters. High-energy beta emitters such as Y-90 can be monitored with a plastic scintillation detector. Very high activities, up to 1 Curie, can be monitored with a miniature PIN diode detector. It’s small size makes it easy to shield inside a hot-cell or other containment area.

Monitor Two Separates Applications Simultaneously - A scintillation detector and a PIN diode detector can be connected to the Flow-Count simultaneously. A frontpanel switch allows run-time detector selection. Remote operation of the Flow-Count up to 12’ away from the compact base unit, allows the detector you need to fit where you need it...in the hood, hot cell, or in close proximity to a UV detector on a crowded lab bench. Flow cells for all Flow-Count detectors are easily prepared and replaced by the user with standard plastic tubing. Flow cell volumes are determined by the number of loops of tubing placed in the field of view of the detector.


  • In-line counting of all isotopes used in nuclearmedicine including I-125, Tc-99m, I-131, In-111,PET isotopes and Y-90?
  • etectors separate from electronics and easily shielded
  • Detector selection covers wide range of activities from1 nCi to 1 Ci
  • Output compatible with all strip chart recorders and chromatography data systems
  • Disposable flow cells with user selectable volumes


  • Radiopharmaceutical Development
  • PET Chemistry
  • Monoclonal Antibody Labeling
  • Protein Purification
  • HPLC or low level I-125

Base Unit : 5450-0001 -  Flow-Count base unit for both NaI and PIN diode gamma detectors

1200-0044 NaI remote detector for I-125 low-energy gamma
1200-0045 NaI remote detector for high-energy gamma
1200-0046 NaI well detector with 4 pi geometry, built-in lead shielding for all gamma
5250-0068 Miniature PIN diode remote detector for high-activity monitoring up to 1 Curie
1200-0047 PMT/plastic scintillator remote detectors for P-32 high-energy beta