High Radiation Transport Cart

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Safe Transport of Heavy Lead Containers

The High Radiation Transport Cart is a safe way to transport heavy lead containers within your facility without risk of the cart turning over or struggling with a container too heavy to carry safely. The cart has a single box measuring 7" square and 3" high to hold lead canisters up to 6.75" in diameter safely, close to the floor.

To handle weighty loads the unit has heavy duty roller bearing rear wheels and a locking front caster. The self-standing handle is held by friction in any position. Weighing only 25 pounds and with a small footprint, the unit is easily lifted in and out of a vehicle and stored in a small space.


  • Long, self-standing handle
  • Low center of gravity for stability
  • Removable insert included
  • Locking front wheel

0652-0029 Transport Cart